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Tenant Representation

Read Commercial Properties, Inc. was the first commercial real estate firm in Hampton Roads to offer a formal Tenant Representation program with a proven process to achieve measurable monetary results.  The Virginia Business Observer featured the story of this new program on its front cover, showing Mr. Read bringing landlords and tenants together.  Read has continued to stay ahead of the curve in providing this service that is now an industry standard.


Read’s Tenant Representation program is designed to help navigate businesses through the process of establishing a new office, relocating, or renewing a lease.  As part of the process, the Read agent conducts extensive research to identify all potential alternatives that may be unknown to our client.  This helps our clients to identify the best location and provides them with relevant market information to help make sound decisions about the economics and other aspects of the transaction.  This also benefits the company that wants to stay in its current location by providing them with negotiating tools to obtain concessions or a competitive rate from their existing landlord.  In both cases, the Read agent represents and advises the client throughout the lease negotiations.  Our tenant representation program saves the tenant time and money and our fees are generally paid by the landlord.  This is a win-win situation for the tenant.  All programs are performed with appropriate disclosure as required by law.

Talking for the tenant
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