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Property Management

Effective property management is essential to maintaining and enhancing the profitability of investment real estate.  Read’s property management division, directed by a Qualified Property Manager, has a track record of paying close attention to every operating detail, creating a successful business environment for tenants, and a worry free, economically sound investment for the property owners.


Our management team consistently brings value to our clients by closely examining all details on maintenance, financial, and other issues.  Unlike many larger commercial real estate companies, our management team works closely with its leasing agents to develop capital improvement programs, marketing strategies and comprehensive business plans for the property.


One of our largest attributes is the management of owners associations in major office parks where the desires of many building owners are meshed into one strategic plan for marketing while still maintaining the financial wherewithal of the entire park.  See the Hampton Roads Center Owners Association (HRCOA).


Our flexibility in tailoring each management program to suit landlord’s needs makes certain that owners receive information in the format that best works for them.  Customized reports are normal occurrences, recognizing that every owner has their own unique investment strategy.  Our staff assists building owners in formulating long-term strategic and financial plans and goals that yield asset growth.



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