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Selling or purchasing a successful business has its challenges.  One of the biggest challenges is how to market the business confidentially without disclosing sensitive information.  Buyers appreciate the professionalism behind Read Commercial Properties, Inc. whose process involves protecting the business’ confidential data.  Serious buyers will sign confidentiality agreements, which means that when they purchase the business they have every expectation that any information previously distributed has not been compromised and the business will perform as presented.


There are numerous advantages to buying an existing business.  Read carefully matches the experience and resources of the buyer with the strength and potential of the business to make sure the purchaser buys the business best suited for them.  Using our professional experience and knowledge, we guide our client through the entire process, including asset vs. stock sale.


The professionals at Read save all parties time and stress using our Business Acquisition System which is a sequence of events that has been successfully followed in every sale.

Business Meeting

Services for Sellers


  • Analysis – We look at every aspect of each business and present its strengths to potential buyers by recasting financials to present a true picture of its potential earnings.


  • Marketing – We strategically advertise your business opportunity.  We have access to twelve of the most viewed websites which are viewed across the nation.


  • Prescreen Buyers – Buyers are screened so that the seller knows they have both the required knowledge to oversee the type of business being sold as well as the financial capability to follow through with the purchase.


  • Negotiations – We mediate the transaction and produce the best result for the seller and at the same time structure the purchase so that the buyer is not burdened with overwhelming debt that is impossible for the business to repay.  This is imperative if owner financing is involved.

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Services for Buyers


  • Connections – We link buyers to sources for third-party financing, business appraisals, and other professionals who expeditiously prepare all documentation necessary to protect your interests.


  • Due Diligence – We monitor and coordinate due diligence to insure that the closing is merely a ceremonial event.


  • Transition Team – We are part of the transition team, establishing a process to help the buyer become a successful business owner from the beginning.


  • Consulting Services – If a buyer finds a business that he wants to buy, we provide consulting services to assist him in closing that transaction.  Let us help you fill in the gaps – you don’t know what you don’t know.

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