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Buyer Representation

Read understands that when a company purchases a site or facility for manufacturing, office, or other business use, it is more than a major financial investment.  It is a decision which will have significant impact on the operations of a business for years or even decades to come.  Having the right facility in the right location can impact sales, production volume, overhead, and employee retention.  Therefore, it is crucial to understand the buyer’s needs and the surrounding markets. 


Combining a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements and goals with extensive market knowledge enables us to identify the right fit.  Many times this entails vast amounts of research as the appropriate property may not be formally on the market. Alternatively, our brokers follow up with owners who are actively marketing their property “For Lease” knowing that they may consider a sale. 


During the due diligence period, our staff continues to assist the buyer with such details as zoning issues, securing construction estimates, building permits, ground breaking and public relations.


As our mission statement says, we try to “meet and exceed even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our clientele” on each assignment.  Our best source of business is by word of mouth and repeat business from satisfied clients.

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