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Michelle Creelman Professional Leasing Advisor

Serghei is a young man on his way toward achieving the American dream!


Serghei was born and raised in the Republic of Moldova, a small country in Eastern Europe. During his university years, he participated in a student exchange program in the USA over the summer of 2012. This first American experience in the hospitality business made a huge impact on his future. He worked with one of the best hotel management teams in the industry, which was filled with different nationalities. After that experience, Serghei returned to Moldova and committed himself to become successful, which he learned was much harder in Moldova than the opportunities available to him in the USA.


After graduating from State University of Moldova with a Master Degree in Marketing, Serghei’s determination to succeed encouraged him to face challenges head on and make a big change. At just 23 years old, he moved 5,000 miles away to the United States to restart his professional life. To be successful in a service business, he truly believes that success is achieved by those who are willing to act and strive to help others succeed as well.


Serghei joined Read Commercial Properties, Inc. after seeing their commitment to provide reliable, professional advice and unmatched personal service. With the know-how Read has given him, Serghei strives to always exceed his clients’ expectations in accomplishing their real estate goals.  He is on his way toward becoming one of the best and most successful commercial real estate agents in the southeast.

Michelle Creelman

Professional Leasing Advisor


T:  757-865-6600

M:  757-869-7066

F:  757-865-7066

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